How do I submit my application?

The submission process takes place in two parts:

  • Pay the application fee. You can find a link to do this either on the Main Page or on the My Application page.
  • Fill in and submit your application. You can begin a draft before you pay the application fee, but you may not submit your application until the fee has been paid. To save a draft you must fill in filler values for all required fields, even if you intend to change them later. Once you pay the fee, the "submit application" button will appear at the bottom of your application. Use this to make your final application submission. Once you press this button, you will no longer be able view or make any changes to your application.

What is the difference between a draft and a submitted application?

Before submitting the $45 application fee, your application may only be saved as a draft. Draft applications must have a filler text filled in for all required fields. Your draft can be edited at any time, and it will not be considered in the admissions process.

The option to submit your application is available after you pay the application fee. When you edit your application draft after the fee has been processed, you will now see a new "Submit" button at the bottom of the edit view. Click this to submit the final version of your application and be considered for admission to the New York Arts Practicum. Note that your application will not be available for edits after you press this button.

If none of these answers my question, who can I contact for help with my application?

Fill in the Contact Us form with any further questions about your application.